Another Year

Today is the four year anniversary of my mothers passing.
It doesn’t feel like its been four years, it feels much longer.
Perhaps that is because three weeks after she died, I packed up my stuff, left Port Neches and moved to Austin.
There are times I still almost go to call her on the phone. So many things I want to talk to her about, but I can’t. It gets overwhelming at times.
When Im having a hard time, or dealing with some problem, I call my sister and she usually will say “What do you think mom would tell you.”
And I know exactly what she would say.
Those that knew her, know she had a bit of a dark sense of humor. That is what I miss most about her. She was funny, smart, and could give the best advice. 
I wish she was here so I could tell her all of the things that are going on in my life. Of course I know that she knows, but I wish i could hear her voice. 
I hope that wherever she is on the spiritual plane that she has found relief and is happy

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