what to do

I got married earlier this year. And while things have been great, there is an aspect that hinders some things. His friends. There are a few of them that have little to no respect for our relationship. He goes to a camping thing a few times a year and I have gone with him, but haven’t had the best experiences.

When I have expressed to to some of his female friends they say things like “well but we need him out there” or “you can’t take him away from us.” Again those are his female friends who say these things. Like they feel they have some ownership or claim on my husband because they have known him longer.

I don’t feel like my thoughts or feelings matter. And when i bring it up to my husband he seems to get angry with me about it. says things like “fine i just won’t go out there anymore” when that isn’t what i was saying.

I feel like I’m the bad guy no matter what I do.

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